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Reliable Electronics...... means, destination anywhere!

Based in Lowestoft on the UK's East Coast, KM Electronics Ltd specialises in the installation and servicing of electrical and electronic equipment for leisure, fishing and workboats.

In recent years the grown of the offshore windfarm market, has seen KME supporting many of the locally owned fleets. This has extended to new build installations as well.  

With direct links to many of the major manufacturers, we can provide approved installations, some with Global on-board warranties.

Properly designed systems, designed, installed and commissioned by trained and qualified engineers. If you are spending a significant part of your boating budget on technical equipment, why have it “lashed in by a jack of all trades” and compromise your warranties?

Navigation systems, power management systems, communication systems and entertainment systems are all serviced and installed by our trained engineers. For many of the main brands we provide approved installations and warranty support. We tend to specialise in smaller vessels upto 24 meters in length, although support larger vessels is possible.

Design, installation and support of maritime electronics is a specialised trade. Only the foolhardy leave it to unqualified "chancers" or "one stop shops".

Normally we install equipment supplied by ourselves. We will install equipment sourced elsewhere, but this does attach slightly different terms and conditions and we may not be able to activate on-board or extended warranties.

A comprehensive indication of the products we can install can be found on KM Electronics Ltd’s website

A look through the Project pages will give an idea of what we do.

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