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Specifying the correct Autopilot is probably one of the most critical parts of creating a safe navigation suite on your vessel.
The Autopilot will have total control of your vessel, so it has to be right.

Nobody wants to get caught surfing downwind in a force 8, but if you do, you need to have total faith in your Autopilot.

From the simplest Tillerpilot for a 6 mtr trailer, to a Gyro stabilised hydraulic package for a 22.5mtr Classic motor yacht like "Fleur De Lys" or a "wheelmarked" commercial system interfaced to the control system of twin Rolls Royce Jet Drives installed in a High Speed Windfarm Support Vessel such as "Topaz", it has to be right.
Experience and training by the autopilot manufacturers is key to a reliable system.
Relying on a general chandlery or a "one stop shop" boat fixer may result in an unhappy ending.
One example we resolved a few years ago concerned a 50ft sailing yacht who's owner reported the autopilot caused an unannounced gybe when the inverter used for the kettle, was switched on! Nothing wrong with either system, just how they had been installed.
Autopilots by B&G, Raymarine, Seiwa, Simrad and Furuno are supplied and supported.

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