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Power Management

Power Management


Getting AC and DC Power management correct onboard vessels today is not just a case of "chuck in another battery".

Correct charging and monitoring of the resources you have, becomes more critical every time another piece of equipment is added.

With dealerships with Victron Energy, Sterling Power and Marlec Renewables we have access to some of the best products in the world. Our lead engineer is Victron trained and spent time working in the Oil & Gas industry maintaining platform battery back-up systems. 

Powerboats, including workboats, are usually easier to deal with as invariably engines run for much longer periods providing charging power from alternators. But this also needs to be configured correctly, with suitably sized battery banks in order to support larger capacity inverters for cooking and water heating, along with warm air heating and advanced navigation systems.

Sailboats are a bit more of a challenge as alternative charging sources are needed for extended legs under sail. Correctly configured battery systems along with optimized charging sources are a must. But this is wasted if the Skipper has no way of monitoring consumption or remaining capacity. Additionally, wind or towed generators or solar panels may be required for longer legs under sail. 

Blue Beyond is a good example of a mid-sized sail boat. This featured a "DuoGen" system that could be configured as either a towed generator for periods underway, and a wind generator for when at anchor. She also had 2 x 125w BP Solar panels. We fitted a Victron Multiplus 1600 for general domestic AC supply, and the existing 11kva generator was reserved for Aircon usage.


An example of an advanced charging/inverter/generator for a motorboat could be as in the following image.


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