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One of our yacht owning customers happens to be a farmer. On his farm he keeps free range chickens. When he added another flock and hen house, he asked us if we would be interested in designing, supplying and installing an off-grid power system for his new hen house. 

As this was going to be similar to the many yacht systems we've done, we thought we'd have a go!

System comprised of;

  • 1kw 24vdc wind turbine with regulator
  • 600Ah deep cycle lead acid battery bank in custom battery box
  • 4 x 125w BP Solar Panels with regulator
  • Dual Sterling 24v 25A mains chargers
  • Back-up deisel generator

The back up generator has since had little use, with all the 4,000 birds water and feed needs and all of the power required to run the hen house being provided by the turbine and solar panels.

Certainly an interesting job and the eggs are jolly nice too! Look out for egg boxes with a wind turbine on next time you go shopping.

Pictures to follow.

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