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Wind Farm Support Vessels

Wind Farm Support Vessels

Although we work closely with a number of the local fleet operators, we are completely independent.

What we see or do on one operators vessel, stays with them if it is unique or special to them. There is no risk of your novel idea's ending up being built into a "parent companies" boat three months down the line, because there isn't one!

If we are doing a new build, we sit down with you, with a blank piece of paper, and build the system to do what you want, not what everyone else's does.

The recent boom in offshore wind farms has seen a similar boom in vessels required to build and maintain the farms.

We work extensively with most of the loacally based operators providing both new build installations, upgrade and on-going support of their existing fleets.

We also support vessels from away working on the local farms. We are always happy to support new companies and vessels arriving in Lowestoft.

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